'Sneaky' The Reliant trike


This section is information and low res photos of 'Sneaky', the Reliant trike I built for myself in 1998. The trike got nick-named Sneaky by my late brother-in-law Nigel 'Norbert' Simmonds on the way back from the Rock and Blues Custom Show in '99 as he reckoned it looked like it was sneaking up on him in his rear view mirror.
Norbert - Gone, but not forgotten.


The Donor vehicle. A Reliant was used as the taxation class is already a tricycle, so this makes it possible to have an age related plate rather than a Q plate and the trike doesn't have to be re-registered.


The first chassis. This was set up to get the engine central in the frame, as the engine is originally offset slightly to the passengers side to allow for the extra room in the drivers footwell.


The tack-welded frame - Something tells me the rake is a bit wrong on this one! I specifically wanted to keep the Reliant back end so that I still had the bench seat as well as the luggage space behind the seat for the tent and sleeping bag when going to bike shows.


The frame is now starting to take shape. Time to get it welded properly. An afternoon was spent with a gas MIG welder to zip round all the joints


Finally got a garage to store the trike in. The main problem I had before this was that I was living with my parents and I was having to clean everything up before getting back to work on it. At least now the weather won't get to it!

Spent a day wire-brushing the steelwork and primering the frame. Handbrake and rear brake master cylinder are now in place.


The rear bodywork is now back on and the lights have been fixed in place and wired up.


Time to finish painting the frame and get everything fitted back on.


Got a bit carried away and forgot to take any photos! Just wanted to get the trike together and take it for it's first MOT to see what it fails on. All the electrics have been wired in, the seat has been fitted and the dummy tank has been made to cover in the electrics.


Time for celebration. The trike sailed through the MOT first time.

This was the first real outing for the trike - The Pissed Indian Rally at Leybourne, near Maidstone in 1998.


At last! the paintwork has been finished and the back cover has been fitted.


The trike at the Lock up your sheep rally at Bodiam, East Sussex.

'Sneaky' at the Armada's Midsummer Madness Rally

Back end view.

Norbert's trike 'Squeaky' at the Mayday Run 2002


Sneaky at the Mayday Run 2002


Waiting in the wings - The replacement back end for Sneaky (Once it's finished)

Rear light recesses have been rounded off and new holes cut


The new back end is in place and sprayed with grey primer


Rear end has now been sprayed with silver metallic base coat and lacquer


Tank and mudguard have now been sprayed as well

Front View

Rear View

Had to put this one in - The wife did the leather lettering and key protector

Side View with stripes put on


The current look of the trike


Right Side View


Left Side View


Rear View


The computer case is the battery compartment


Still using the Reliant engine


Minilite Wheels


Plenty of luggage space


Old iPod as the fuel level guage

Me picking up my prize courtesy of White Dalton Motorcycle Solicitors.
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